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Our Story

Cold Point Ice Cream

Introducing an innovative and artistic way of eating ice cream, Cold Point is the first establishment in East Cobb that serves Thai-style ice cream rolls. This dessert originated from the streets of Thailand, made and serve differently from the traditional ice cream in America.

To ensure our customers go through an experience of tasting high quality rolled ice cream, we use fresh ingredients with no preservatives, artificial flavors, or stabilizers! To make the ice cream, our artists use a cold plate with temperature of -12 degrees Fahrenheit, turning liquid into frozen cream within a few minutes. In our open kitchen, customers can see and watch the entire process of making the dessert. With a variety of flavors, customers can choose from 10 different speciality ice creams with various combination of flavors or customize their own. Additional toppings and sauces can be added to make the ice cream taste even better.

At Cold Point, we believe ice cream is something that can drastically transform a person’s emotions. You don't have to be a dessert fan to love ice cream and we want to be able to share this excitement with everyone! Follow us and check us out on Facebook and Instagram!

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